Welcome to the website of Saint James Lutheran “Straw Church” Cemetery located near Phillipsburg, NJ. The cemetery has been associated with Saint James Lutheran Church since 1750. The purpose of this website is to honor all who are buried here. We honor them by remembering, in many ways: veterans, relatives, friends and strangers who have experienced the gift of life, left their mark on this earth, were buried here and moved on to another realm.  We also honor those before us who for the past two and a half centuries have walked these hallowed grounds endeavoring to insure that these dead are not forgotten.

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We wish to share with you the history, updated lists, current events and genealogy we have uncovered, and will continue to find, in this awesome old cemetery. For those of you who cannot make an actual visit, we hope this site will serve as a fulfilling virtual sojourn. Please join us in this ongoing adventure. We look forward to many questions, comments, corrections and contributions from those interested in this pursuit. So keep watching for new exciting updates and adventures at “Straw Cemetery”.

Straw Cemetery is listed in the NJ & National Registers of Historic Places. Click here to read more about our place in history.

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