Gravestone Pics

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This is the elusive gravestone of Mathias Brackly (Brakeley). Because the stone is small and it was recorded in 1923 as (died in the) 6th year (of his age), it was overlooked as a child’s grave by many searching for the senior Mathias Brakeley born in 1728 or 1729.


SPRING – a beautiful time to wander through the cemetery.


Plaque presented by the D. A. R. in 1934 acknowledging the eleven known Revolutionary Patriots buried at “Straw”. A few years later the D. A. R. added a plaque at the gravesite of John Metz bringing the total to 12. Through further research over the years the count now stands at 29.



In 1821 the dirt road between Straw Church and Straw Cemetery was a busy main thoroughfare – east to New York City and on to the New England States – west across the Delaware River at Phillipsburg through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and as far west as a horse could take you. Some died on their way.